Water-Mat Pen Puzzle

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(3 - 10 d.d.)

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Description Water-Mat Pen Puzzle


The mat is made of a pleasant to the touch fabric that can easily be folded. 
Unlike paper sheets, the mat is reusable.
We draw on its surface with a water pen so that a colorful drawing is created, then wait about 5 minutes until the mat is ready for reuse.
As an addition to the set, a template with various elements for redrawing was attached.
The mat has been designed in such a way as to stimulate the child's development on several levels simultaneously.
Through play, the child learns logical thinking, recognizing shapes and colors.
The mat allows our children to be independent, safe and creative fun.
Solid workmanship and fabulous friendly colors will attract the attention of every child.
Set contains
- water mat, 
- 2 water markers,
- a book of designs for drawing (29 patterns),
 - free foam puzzle.
- mat about 75 cm x 48 cm, 
- packaging about 44 cm x 33 cm x 4 cm.

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