Trampoline 14 FT 427cm Green

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Trampoline with an external safety net and ladder 14Ft / 427 cm


-garden trampoline with a diameter of 427 cm,
-a trampoline mat stretched with 96 galvanized springs, 19 cm long, covered with a protective cover,
-the whole frame of the trampoline made of galvanized hardened steel,
-6 U-shaped legs significantly increasing the stability of the structure,
-the net is stretched on 6 masts reaching the ground, ensuring greater stability and safety of the structure,
-tubes of masts on which the net is stretched, covered with EPE protective sponge with a cross-section of Ø48 x 10 mm,
-black ladder, powder coated,
-12 latches with a cover for attaching the trampoline net masts,
-a set of tools for assembling a trampoline,
Safety net mesh -protective mesh made of PE (polyethylene) material with increased strength - 95 g / m²,
-the material from which the mesh was made has a high resistance to external factors, including weather and mechanical. The PE mesh meets all safety standards and can be used in virtually all weather conditions,
-the net has 6 tunnels,
-protective material for masts made of weather-resistant PVC material,
-net equipped with a double-sided colored zipper, for better visibility of the zipper and safety,
-hooks with the help of which we can attach the net to the trampoline rim,
Cover -upper layer made of PVC material, 310 g / m²,
-the bottom layer is made of PE material, 128 g / m²,
-coverfilled with a soft sponge, 15 mm thick,
-a layer of PVC material increases resistance and durability of min. for UV radiation and other weather conditions.
Jumping mat -jumping mat made of PP material (polypropylene) 270g / m2,
-PP with a high basis weight guarantees high durability and resistance to weather conditions,
-mat equipped with 96 hooks allowing to attach springs,
-maximum load 160-180 kg.


Diameter of the trampoline 427 cm / 14Ft,
Overall height 275 cm,
The height of the surface to jump from the ground 89 cm,
The height of the net 180 cm,
Springs 72 pcs. / 19 cm,
Frame specifications -trampoline rim_ galvanized steel; Ø42 x 1.5 mm,
-U-shaped legs of the trampoline (6 pcs): galvanized steel; Ø38 x 1.5 mm,
-vertical legs of trampolines (8 pcs): galvanized steel; Ø38 x 1.5 mm,
-masts tubes (6 pcs): galvanized steel; Ø25 x 1.2 mm,
Weight 95 kg,

Set include



-trampoline frame,
-safety net,
-protective collar,
-fastening clamps,
-mounting kit.

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