T-34 Camouflage 1 28 Mina and Shield

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(3 - 10 d.d.)

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Description T-34 Camouflage 1_28 Mina and Shield


Incredible, realistic 1_24 scale tank with a turret and a mine in the set is a real treat for a military enthusiast. 
It is equipped with sound and light effects. 
Powering the tank from a 4.8V battery - battery and charger included in the set. 
The mine is powered by 3 x AG13 batteries - included in the set, the turret and 2 x AA batteries - not included. 
The rotating turret of the tank is equipped with a barrel with an infrared system, after aiming and hitting the target (turret), we will hear a realistic sound of the shot. 
The turret has 3 lights, one light goes out after each successful shot. 
The tracked chassis perfectly imitates the ride of a real tank. 
The instinctive control of the tank is easy and easy to master after just a few tries. 
Realistic vehicle recoil when fired - the vehicle behaves like a real tank on the battlefield when fired from a gun. 
It has an opening hatch on the turret, in which we can place a tanker with a machine gun. 
We can steer the tank forward, backward, turn right and left, and rotate it in place just like a real tank. 
The set includes a mine with blinking lights and sounds of shots and hits. 
Tank sound effects_  
- engine noise, 
- the sound of the gun firing.  
Tank lighting effects_  
- glowing front headlight on the vehicle, 
- electronic power indicator at the rear of the vehicle.
- operating frequency 27 MHz, 
- range approx. 30 meters, 
- charging time approx. 4 hours, 
- maximum travel speed up to approx. 6 km / h, 
- the tank can rotate 360 ​​degrees, in addition, the turret controlled from the remote control rotates a maximum of 320 degrees, 
- the barrel, which is placed in the upper part of the tank, moves up and down.
Set contains
- tank, 
- remote control, 
- battery, 
- charger, 
- light mine, 
- turret (target).




- length approx. 36 cm, 
- width approx. 12 cm,
 - height approx. 11.5 cm.

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