R/C tank 2.4 G with the smoke 1_18 Shield Green

Prekės kodas: ZRC.789-4


(3 - 10 d.d.)

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R/C tank 2.4 G with the smoke 1_18 Shield Green
- 2.4GHz operating frequency, 
- 1_18 scale,
- 3 driving speeds_ 8km / h, 10km / h, 12km / h,
- maximum angle of inclination of the surface of 45 degrees,
- realistic sounds
- tank sounds,
- the sound of a projectile shot,
- smoke function,
- rubber durable tracks,
- realistic look,
- 3 ON / OFF switches (shooting, tank, smoke),
- built-in LED lights,
- made of reinforced material,
- moving tank head,
- the moving barrel of the tank,
- 360 degrees rotation,
- rotation of the 320-degree turret,
- BB type gun (balls with a diameter of 6mm), with the possibility of turning off the shooting in a hidden switch under the hatch.

- 2.4GHz frequency, 
- ON / OFF switch,
- tank switch,
- 3 buttons with different speed of the tank when driving forward,
- 2 buttons with different speed of the tank when driving backwards,
- left / right turn button (when driving forward),
- left / right turning button (when driving backwards),
- tank rotation in place
- left / right,
- tank head rotation buttons
- left / right,
- tank barrel movement buttons
- up / down,
- bullet firing button,
- diode signaling pilot operation,
- easy tank control,
- strong antenna
- long range of the remote control.
After activating a separate shooting module, the tank starts the shot engine with balls and from now on our balls are ammunition. 
The ability to rotate the turret and maneuver the barrel.
Crawler chassis - perfectly imitates the ride of a real tank.
Instinctive control of the tank does not cause any difficulties and is easy to master after just a few attempts.
Realistic recoil of a vehicle during a shot - our vehicle behaves like a real tank on the battlefield during a gunshot.
Opened hatch on the turret, in which we can place a tanker with a machine gun.
Control - the vehicle can be driven forward, backwards, turned right and left, and rotated in place just like a real tank. sounds_
- engine noise,
- tank driving sounds,
- realistic shot sound.

Set contains



- a large 1_18 scale tank, 
- large multifunctional remote control,
- shield with a stand to practice the accuracy of shots,
- soldier,
- 2 machine guns,
- shooting turret,
- charger USB,
- 9,6V battery,
- shells for tanks (balls),
- instruction
- tank about 45 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm, 
- a pilot of about 15 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm,
- packaging_ approx. 55 cm x 30.5 cm x 22.5 cm.

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