Pool Rack 10 ft 305x76cm SteelPRO 3 in 1 BESTWAY

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Steel Pro MAX™ 10' x 30"/3.05m x 76cm Pool Set

*3.05 m x 76 cm / 10’ x 30”

*Water Capacity (90%): 4,678 L (1,236 gal.)

*Easy 20-minute setup

*Corrosion resistant metal frames

*Easy to dissemble when preparing for off-season storage

*Heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply side walls

*3-ply band provides additional wall support

Printed mosaic inner liner on the sides and bottom of the pool

*Built-in flow control drain valve connects to garden hose (with included adapter) to easily drain away water

The round shape of the pool provides for easy installation, enhanced stability, and less wasted space due to the fact that the pool doesn’t require lateral support

*Pool equipped with patented FrameLink System™ - custom-molded T-connectors provide consistent frame connections, prevent metal-on-metal corrosion and have utility add-ons such as cup holders, entertainment trays, etc.

*Two interchangeable cup holders which attach to all T-connectors

*Underwater adhesive repair patch

Contents:one pool,#58381 filter pump ,

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