Play Pen + Balls

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(3 - 10 d.d.)

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Play Pen + Balls


A large, stable playpen with balls is a proposal for babies from 18 months of age. It gives the baby space to move around without risking injury or falling. The playpen is made of safe materials, does not contain sharp and small elements, it is easy to clean. A solid frame ensures stability and durability. Half of the playpen walls are made of transparent mesh, so we can watch the child playing all the time. The playpen can be easily moved from room to room, outside to the garden, so that the child will always be safe during the parent's daily activities. The playpen is additionally equipped with a basketball basket and 50 balls, it can be used as a dry pool.


- playpen after folding approx. 134.5 cm x 60 cm,

- a ball with a diameter of approx. 5 cm

- package approx. 55.5 cm x 31 cm x 15 cm.




- pen components,

- 50 balls.

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