Multifunctional Walker Rider

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Multifunctional Walker Rider


Interactive, multi-functional 4-in-1 baby walker with sound and light effects, is a toy for children from 18 months of age. It is made of plastic that is safe for the child, the variety of colors attracts the baby's eyes and encourages it to play. The walker can be transformed into a skateboard, a ride-on board or a multi-functional table. The toy is powered by 3 x AA 1.5V batteries (not included).

Toy Modes_

- walker mode,

- skateboard mode,

- ride mode,

- multifunction table mode

 4 in 1 toy specification

- height adjustment of the walker, rider and skateboard

- the ability to load the toy (water tank at the back),

- wheel lock,

- anti-skid tires,

- stable structure,

 Specification of space-themed multifunctional panel_

- light effects

* upper left edge with flashing lights

* highlighted organs.

- sound effect_* organ - music,

- a circle filled with colorful small balls,

- beads with beads,

- translator with "x",

- a slider that puts the ball in motion,

- rotating satellite elements,

- movable gears,

- a racket with a ball rotating inside and small balls removable from the panel,

- a book to be translated.


Toy dimensions in walker mode_

- height approx. 44 cm to 46 cm,

- length approx. 46 cm,

- width approx. 50 cm

 Dimensions of the toy in skateboard and ride-on mode_

- height approx. 44 cm to 46 cm,

- length approx. 49 cm,

- width approx. 38 cm

 Toy dimensions in table mode_

- height approx. 23 cm,

- length approx. 34 cm,

- width approx. 29 cm.

 Package dimensions_ 52 cm x 44.3 cm x 18 cm




- multifunctional ride-on car

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