Mercedes G63 6x6 White MP4

Prekės kodas: PA.SX1888.MP4.BIA


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Description Mercedes G63 6x6 MP4
  • 6 x 45W,
  • RS550-C,
Battery 12V/14Ah,
Remote Control
  • 2.4 GHz,
  • 3 speeds,
  • Safety button STOP,
  • Full rubber,
  • Diameter:25 cm,
  • Width:25 cm,
Suspenssion Front / Rear,
  • Slow start
  • Forward/Back
  • 2 speeds,
  • LED light,
  • Front light,
  • Rear light,
  • Light button,
Adds The car has 2 gas pedals, internal (classic for the child) and external located on the threshold of the car. By switching to parental mode, an adult can sit behind the vehicle while driving. The seat is a suitcase placed in the trunk of the vehicle, which when turned change into a seat.
  • Expanded panel, with a color display, 
  • MP4,
  • Micro USB input,
  • The SD card reader,
  • Melodies,
  • AUX input,
  • USB input,
  • Steering wheel sounds button,
Power Indicator Yes
Start One Button Start with sounds,
  • Leather seat,
  • PU seat,
  • 5 point safty belt,
  • 36 x 22 x 27 cm,
  • 4 step adjustment,
Open door Yes + lock,
  • Rear trunk wit opened flap,
  • An additional lockable box fitted to the luggage compartment (which is a seat for the parent when rotated),


  • Length 140 cm,
  • Width 72 cm,
  • Height 60 cm,
Net Weight 42,5 kg,
Packing Size 146 x 76 x 56 cm
Gross Weight 50 Kg,
Maximum Capacity 110 Kg,
Clearance 12 cm,
What's Include
Manual + Mounting Kit,
Charger with light,
MiniJack Cabel
USB stick with the assembly instruction video,
Remote controller.



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