Lay-Z-Spa Hollywood Jacuzzi BESTWAY

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Lay-Z-Spa Hollywood Jacuzzi BESTWAY




Pump and Spa previously tested,

Inflatable walls made of special DURAPLUS material that provides unmatched strength and durability.

The spa provides relaxation thanks to such features as_

- Soothing AirJet ™ system (140 air nozzles)

- Energy saving system (timer controlling the heating system)

- Integrated water filtering system

- ChemConnect ™ dispenser ensures and maintains healthy and clean pool water. Provides a stable level of chlorine needed for a proper chemical balance

- Soft, insulated floor with a convenient drain valve

- Spa provides a comfortable massage,

- 7 colors of jacuzzi illumination,

- Reinforced lid with fasteners and built-in air chamber for better insulation,

- Modern design on the exterior and vinyl cover of the pool,

- Two easy-to-lift handles make moving the empty spa a simple task

- Pumping the Spa using the spa pump,

Additional deflation valve ensures that all air is deflated from the spa quickly as the user prepares it for storage

- Digitally controlled pump with a soft-touch control panel,

- The pump is equipped with a device that controls the flow of current - the current does not exceed 10 mA,

- Ground detection system to ensure better user safety,

- Freeze Guard TM system that protects against the cold allows you to enjoy the spa all year round,

- The automatic heating function (automatic heating will start at 6 ℃ and end at 10 ℃) prevents the water from freezing,


1-6 adults

Internal dimensions

148 cm

Capacity (80% filling)

908 L.


220-240V, 2050W at 20 ° C

Actual water flow

1325 L / h

Heater capacity

1.0-1.5 ℃ / h

Maximum temperature

40 ° C




external / internal


The dimensions of the spa

196 cm x 66 cm

Spa weight filled (80%)

937 kg

Weight in the package

93.27 Kg

Kit accessories

SPA housing,

pool cover,

spa heater connected to a high pressure pump,

one ChemConnect ™ dispenser

one filter cartridge (VI),

jacuzzi backlight,

Repair Kit,

4 pillows

AirJet ™ system,

colorful packaging.

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