AirHockey Wood

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Description AirHockey Wood


AIR HOCKEY - is a type of popular arcade game designed for two players. 
A specially prepared table is used for the game.
The surface of the table is covered with openings through which the air is blown.
At the same time, an air cushion is formed, on which the roller slides without contact with the ground.
Players are on opposite sides of the table.
Each player uses a special plastic tool, sometimes called a mushroom, to act as a racket.
With this tool, players hit the disc.
The goal of the game is to place the puck in the opponent's goal.
The disc moves at high speed.
The game is usually interrupted when any of the players reaches a predetermined number of points (usually seven or nine) or after a set time limit.

Set Contains

- a game table made of laminated 12 mm MDF, 
- the blower under the table is powered by AA batteries (6 x 1.5V - not included),
- 2 game mushrooms,
- 2 discs to play.




-dimensions of the table_ 65 cm x 30.5 cm x 60.5 cm, 

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