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Parking + Accessories


Three-level car park with a car and a helicopter for children from the age of three. A toy from the City series, it can be combined with other sets from this series to create a city consisting of a parking lot, a police station, a fire station and a construction site.


The car park consists of three levels. On the lower level there are parking spaces, entry and exit from the car park. There are parking spaces in the middle one and a slide or elevator to the lower level. There is a heliport on the top floor. The toy does not require the use of batteries, the elevator is manually moved up and down.


 Toy Features_

- mobile elevator,

- parking for cars,

- a slide for vehicles.


- parking approx. 38 cm x 37 cm x 20 cm,

- package approx. 28 cm x 23.5 cm x 9 cm.




- structural parts of the car park,

- a toy car,

- helicopter,

- instruction,

- decorative stickers.

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